Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dear younger me...

So I heard a song the other day called "Dear Younger Me" and it made me think about what I would tell my 15 year old self if I had the chance and this is what I would want her to know.

Dear younger me,

I didn't know where to start with this letter because I don't want to change who I've become. I've fought so hard to become a woman I'm proud to be. A woman who I would be proud for you to know.  So I thought of some nuggets of "wisdom" that I wish I would've known at your age.

Basketball is pretty much full go right now. You're in high school and getting to play on varsity! That is pretty impressive, but it isn't the most important thing in life. Don't get caught up in having your name being announced for the starting lineup or having your name in the paper. Those things won't matter after high school. Those things are fleeting and will perish...Now don't get me wrong. Basketball will be the best and worst thing to ever happen to you. You will meet your best friends, you will set records, and you will find joy in the game. But you will also find heartache in losses, frustrating practices, and get pushed around. Keep going. Work harder than you think is possible, because your body is capable of extraordinary things.

That shy blonde haired kid that will ask you to prom? Say yes. Get used to him, because he's going to be around for a loooooong time ❤️ And no matter what anyone tells you, you're never too young to fall in love. Remember that.

All 130lbs of you is wonderful and beautiful and lovely. I know you don't always love your body but embrace it. You can run, jump, shoot, rebound, and do things that not everyone has the luxury of doing. And your body is going to change drastically as you keep maturing. But that's okay because you don't want the body of a 12 year old forever. You're becoming a woman, and that is a beautiful thing.

Go visit Grandma Freda and Grandpa & Grandma Sundheimer more. You don't have forever with them.

Do the musical. Sing the National Anthem. Sing at church. Sing in the talent show.  Just do what you love without the fear of "judgy" eyes.

Remove toxic people from your life.

Invest in the people you want in your corner. When you find the person that will help hide the body of the person you just killed without question or hesitation, you've found your person.

You're not alone.

Always be kinder than you feel.

Fight for the underdog.

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.

And please, for the love of all things holy and just, don't chop your hair off. It looks horrible. So just don't.

And really, you're going to be just fine. ❤️

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